We provide tech teams, funding and advisory boards for companies building the future

We make it easier for you to sustain or to become digital.

Ample is your GO-TO when it comes to scale up your business. Instead of choosing between several companies, get stuck in the slow process of finding the right people - You get that in one place. We give you an ecosystem of changemakers experienced in building companies, working with tech and investment.

With Ample you get:

  • Product development as a service - we help you realise your ideas
  • Shortest possible way to market
  • Freedom of mind - you don't have to recruit, train and retrain your techpeople
  • Affordable solutions and high quality that works

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    3500 developers

    We deliver technology with access to 3500 developers in Sweden and Poland

    What do you need? An entire tech team or one single developer? Nothing is too big or too small for us. We deliver our technology support using our 3500 engineers in Sweden and Poland from our Partners.
    We offer dedicated developers at competitive prices with top quality, fast delivery and full transparency.

    We work both locally and globally because the problem we are solving needs a global solution.

    Euvic has been working for more than 15 years with digital services for companies in Europe and the USA and has been mentioned by Gartner, Forbes and EY, among others. The customer list includes enterprise customers such as Swedbank and Kesko and tech companies such as Tendium and Playground.

    Entrepreneurship has been important for Euvic since our foundation 2004. From building digital solutions that enable our customers to scale their business to our own Incubator Euvic Growth where we grow future unicorns, entrepreneurship is at the heart of Euvic Group. Helping launch Ample is a way of expressing our support to all entrepreneurs out there looking for a solid tech partner

    Andreas Södermark